Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby.


That’s right, I’m now learning Ruby and this song comes on in my head every time I’m on it. The song was quite a hit, no?

Thomas sent me this link to get me started on Ruby as I am looking at signing up for a 12-week web development course that starts in January 2018. I figured I need to immerse myself in the technology environment, get surrounded by like-minded people as another source of motivation, interact with experienced and ideally helpful people and move forward from there. My self-learning journey has been great but it’s also been extremely tough, for me at least.

I will be going to the school’s info session next week to know more by talking to the lecturers and some of their graduates.

From what I know so far, the school partners with companies and I should be able to start working after I’m done with the course if it all goes as planned.

Wish me luck!

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