I quit my job as an event manager in June 2017 and started learning how to code. I had zero knowledge in coding  prior to that except that it is chunks and chunks of gibberish.

I’m now pursuing a career in software development and despite it being a tedious process, I want all of those who are looking at a career change to know that it is not impossible as long as you keep doing.

I will be blogging about the daily challenges and frustrations that I face, how I overcome them and the little things that keep me going.

Thanks for popping by and I hope my personal experience inspires in one way or another!

what made me decide on a career change?

I discovered my interest in event management 12 years ago when I was doing an internship as a creative designer in an event agency. Upon graduating with a Diploma in Interactive Media Design and obtaining a degree in Business Management, I decided that event management was what I wanted to dive into as my career.

I’d since managed and coordinated events such ranging from grand openings and product launches to hospitality events, meetings and conferences for 100 – 2,000 attendees in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Shanghai and Beijing. I worked with budgets, timelines and vendors to create the best events.

My past clients include companies listed in Fortune 500 such as luxury car brands, large multinational technology and software companies, medical technology companies and pharmaceutical companies; just to name a few.

THEN I turned 30, realizing that I needed a break from events as I no longer feel a rush of adrenaline when I was assigned a new project. Every day was just another day of churning out numbers on quotations and proposals without any brand-new ideas.

My boyfriend saw all of that, we sat down to talk about what I was going through and what my next steps should be. We decided that I should learn something new full-time, something I’ve always had an interest in; programming. It was something we then discussed about for a couple of months before I eventually resigned. We talked about the prospects of it and of course, the financial implications that comes along with the loss of stable income.

I must say I’m extremely fortunate to have highly supportive parents and boyfriend to help me through this phase.

As the old saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way.

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