Small steps.

So guess what?

I finished reading a book for the first time in years! And I finished it in just 3 days! It was that good a book or maybe because I could relate to it really well at this point in my life. I needed it, almost. I may read it from the start once more to re-think and understand some of the concepts written in the book.

There is one principle that I read that I found useful, which is the ‘Do Something’ principle. It’s the one principle that I’ve already been applying to my programming journey and one principle that was implied in one of the books I introduced here – ‘No Degree Web Developer: How I broke into the tech industry with 3 months of self-taught programming’ – ‘Momentum’ and ‘Motivation’.

The ‘Do Something’ principle states that –

If you lack the motivation to make an important change in your life, do something – anything, really – and then harness the reaction to that action as a way to begin motivating yourself.

And in ‘Momentum’ –

If you want to make things happen quickly then you need to build momentum. Momentum is built by getting in a rhythm. You do this by putting in work constantly and consistently over a period of time. If you’re committed to becoming a developer quickly then you should be coding every day. When you’re knocking things out constantly and consistently you’ll generate a certain energy that carries you forward. When you do this long enough momentum can really take over and magic can happen.

‘Motivation’ –

If you only work when you’re feeling great then you’ll get nowhere. It’s widely known that taking action actually creates motivation. Increased motivation then leads to more action and the cycle continues to feed on itself. When you get in a rhythm you can generate a lot of motivation and energy this way.

That’s how important our actions are. Whether we feel like it or not, we must do something to keep the momentum going for us to stay motivated.

I procrastinate a lot. Most people procrastinate at some point in their lives but we really just need to start somewhere and it could be as simple as making our beds every morning; watch this video of a former US Navy Admiral who gave a commencement address in 2014 on how something so menial like making our beds could change our world.

I’m on Arrays in Swift. I got lost at Optionals and I hated it. I went on Instagram/Facebook to distract myself from feeling frustrated and thought I didn’t want to continue for the day (after only an hour) cause it was again, disheartening that coding is so difficult at this point. I let myself feel shit for 10 to 15 minutes (sometimes longer, depending on my hormones level) then pick myself up (sometimes with my boyfriend’s help) and go through the whole process all over again.

The struggle is real but what have I got to lose now when I’ll literally fail if I were to do nothing and actually have a chance at succeeding if I were to keep trying?


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