I’m officially done with school! Yep, and I say official because I got my certificate.


The past two weeks were all about refining our final project for our presentation 2 days ago. It was held at Microsoft’s Singapore office and it was nerve-wrecking for all of us.

There were about 40 – 60 people in the room. Some were family and friends who came to support us while some were potential students looking for a career change and recruiters (we were of course there to impress this particular group of people).

I started job hunting on Tuesday and I now have 3 interviews lined up this week. It’s funny how things come so unexpectedly and your goals changes with it. 2 weeks ago I was only hoping to secure a couple of interviews before Thomas and I go on our holiday at the end of April. Now that I have 3 interviews in the pipeline, I’m hoping that I can miraculously get an offer (or two, or three, you get the drift.) before we leave, instead of June.

I’ve cleaned up my resume and created my GitHub portfolio site here following this guide. It was pretty straightforward and I highly recommend everyone to do this to showcase projects they want to showcase on GitHub – it’s organized and easy for recruiters to navigate around.

In my previous line of work, I didn’t need this much preparation work and I had headhunters coming to me and I was ever-so-confident that I’d pass the rounds and secure the roles because it was something that I’d been for almost half my life.

This, is a completely different ball game for me as it is going to get technical. I’m having a gush of mixed feelings around all this.

My career confidence is at a new low. I’m worried that I don’t know enough. I look at the reading materials and I worry that I won’t remember a thing that I read when it comes to the interviews. I envision scenes of me getting stuck and failing terribly during the coding assessment in my head. All of this is likely just me preparing for the worse and trying to deal with it before it happens; which isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it often helps me to cope with the immense disappointment when things don’t happen for me.

On the other hand, I’m thrilled that I made it to the end of the course and I can finally kick-start a new career I spent a year to realize. I’ve always been into gadgets and social media applications but that was as far as I went with technology.  Now that I’ve acquired this new set of skills, I’m looking forward to see what I can bring to the industry.

I want to say, it’s okay to feel unsure. This is what it’s supposed to be like. The feeling of uncertainty will make you cautious and the feeling of fear will make you be on your toes. Both these feelings combined will encourage you to read every damn thing there is out there possible to make sure you feel just slightly better before going into an interview.

This process makes you more desirable every time as you keep striving to be good enough for the next interview.

The thing about technology is that it advances so quickly. I have no choice but to keep learning and it keeps my brain alive and happy. I loooove it.

I have an interview in a couple of hours. I should get back to reading. Have a great week, guys.

I’ll be back for more updates. I’m aiming to have a weekly post. Stick around!



5 thoughts on “Graduated!

  1. My career confidence is at a new low. I’m worried that I don’t know enough.

    this is a good sign, it means you take this seriously. dunning-kruger says that youre more likely to be competent if you doubt yourself, and less likely to doubt yourself if youre incompetent.

    that said, please dont cut your professional teeth by coding for enormous facilities that use enormous loads of energy or fuel– oil tankers/rigs, power plants– get some on-the-job experience first! 🙂

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  2. Best of luck for your interviews Liyan !!! . i dont know how fast i clicked on your post but it was pretty fast, and im so happy for you . Congrats on your graduation and i hope you enjoy each and every second of your new upcoming career.
    dont let nerves get the best of you and best of luck for your interview which is within a couple of hours .
    Have a nice day Liyan 🙂 .

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