BootCamp Week 2

I’m going to go straight into the coding I’ve did this week since I haven’t done that in awhile.

We learnt Bootstrap, Handlebars and Express to create our personal webpage that includes our portfolio (the racing car game I mentioned last week) and MongoDB and Mongoose to store database in the backend for the form we created under our ‘Contact’ page.

My .js code looked something like that to get everything to work together. Of course, there are other .handlebars files and .css file but I’m not going to show them here because it’s slightly much:

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 9.44.31 AM.png

And my webpage turned out like this:

I have to work on it more but yep, here it is! I couldn’t have done this 2 weeks ago.

My batch friends and I went to a web developer meet-up at Google yesterday and it was so so good. I was so happy that I gloated to Thomas that I understood everything the speakers said.

This was us!


One of the speakers was Martin Splitt and he touched on custom element on web components (something I didn’t know about) among other things, did a live demo and he was a great and engaging speaker. Check him out!

I’m definitely looking forward to next week and definitely week 4 when we start learning Ruby on Rails!

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