BootCamp Week 1

We started with 10 people in the BootCamp and ended week 1 with 6. 4 people left the course due to various reasons and I could understand why a couple of them gave up.

We were taught command line, Javascript, HTML, CSS and DOM from Monday to Wednesday. We worked on Katas and because we have objectives to be met every day, it was inevitable that most of us studied and worked on codes from home after class. Then on Thursday, we were briefed a project that we had to do individually (with the help of our peers and instructors) and we presented it on Friday afternoon.

It was intense.

This first week has reassured me on some of the things I learned on my own in the last 6 months and taught me new things. I finally put computational thinking to use when working on the project given to us.

We were asked to create a race car game and this was my end product. It looks really simple but this is something I weren’t able to achieve a week ago. I’m intending to go back to my code a month from now to see how I can do better and refine it.

Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 1.39.15 PM.png

Once the player selects a level, clicks on start, the computer starts moving and the player has to click on the ‘accelerate’ button repeatedly as fast as possible to get to the end point first to win. There are many ways to make the car move from one point to the other and I used CSS’ property ‘transform: translate(x,y)’ to do the trick. DOM was really useful here for me to target HTML elements to do what I wanted them to do. We will be learning jQuery next week to make manipulation of elements even more straightforward.

The instructor makes it a point to teach us traditional solutions because he believes that once we get the hang of that, it will be easy for us to adapt and use the latest applications that runs DOM in the background to make our life easy, breezy, beautiful. I completely agree with him on this too.

I must say I was mentally drained at the end of the week and I’m still recovering. Weekends fly pass too soon. Good thing I have tasty coffee to look forward to before class starts.


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