Pre-camp Preparations

As I mentioned in my previous post that I received my welcome package from school 2 weeks ago and there’s a few assignments to be completed by tomorrow.


Being away the whole of last week for my holiday didn’t help but I don’t regret it at all because the trip was a dream come true.

Good thing was the plane ride home from Hokkaido was 8 hours or so (an hour longer than the time it took us to get there from Singapore) and I managed to finish reading Chapter 1 to 5 of Apprenticeship Patterns – a book on building soft skills and effective learning techniques. I have to admit that I didn’t like the book very much in the beginning as it was one hell of a wordy book. I only started enjoying it from the middle of Chapter 2 onward as I related to the concepts gradually.

Two of the patterns that work hand in hand mentioned in Chapter 2 are ‘Exposing Your Ignorance’ and ‘Confront Your Ignorance’; that’s admitting to not-knowing, asking questions and clarifying. It may be difficult at first because we all, well, most of us, hate looking stupid/ignorant but only by recognizing our areas of weakness and seek help when necessary are we able to work toward strengthening them. I’m terribly bad at this as my first instinct when I run into something I’m unsure of is to make a note of it and research on it then only ask for help after I get to a dead end days later. It brings my productivity level down by so much and frustration level up by ten-folds. My incredibly-hard-to-shake-off stubbornness is going to be the cause of my downfall someday if I do not do something about it.

As Jake Scruggs said in ‘My Apprenticeship at Object Mentor’ –

Tomorrow I need to look stupider and feel better about it. This staying quiet and trying to guess what’s going on isn’t working so well.

And in Chapter 4, it mentioned to ‘Be the Worst’ by surrounding ourselves with developers who are better than us. ‘Find a stronger team where you are the weakest and have room to grow.’ By doing this, it constantly keeps us on our toes as we strive to perform better. No one likes staying in the bottom, right? Of course, in order to surround ourselves with the elites, we will need to have something to contribute to the team.  I’d say for this to work, we need to be mentally-driven and highly motivated. Being a highly competitive person is definitely a bonus here.

I could go on and on about the book as the techniques covered in the book are a set of inter-connected solutions to problems we may encounter during our learning process. It’s one of those books I can see myself going back to when I need advice or reminders on tools that can assist me to learn better or work better with a team.

On a side note, I completed an online course on introduction to JavaScript!

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 5.57.51 PM.png

I’m already looking forward to the end of this 12-week boot camp where I have a great network of people in the coding industry, the ability to write programs that I want and finally starting my new career as a developer.

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