Let’s go!

I received my welcome package yesterday. There is quite a bit to do from now until my orientation day on 11th January 2018. I’ve already set up a development environment on my laptop so that’s a good start.

The school recommended some additional reading materials and there’s this one that speaks my mind so well I thought I would share it here.


The writer has broken down the learning journey into various phases and I must say the first 3 phases are pretty accurate for me:

  1. The Hand Holding Honeymoon – Everything was relatively easy to keep up and I felt like GOD.
  2. The Cliff of Confusion – Lost is the word here.
  3. The Desert of Despair – This is why I took a hiatus for almost a month now.

I’m still somewhere in between Phase 2 and 3. Therefore when I received the welcome package, I was elated that the hand holding phase is back momentarily. I say momentarily because I know the school isn’t going to do much spoon-feeding as we’ve been warned in the welcome message by the founder that for most part of the course, we will learn by doing and making mistakes as we solve the problems ourselves. However, at my current state, any amount of holding, 5 minutes or 5 days, is good enough to pick me up again.

As we are all new to the coding environment, it is also important that we re-look into learning how to learn. The school emphasized on the importance in us knowing how our brain works in order to learn effectively and efficiently.

They covered the following:

Learning models: Focused thinking vs. Diffused thinking

Both focused and diffused thinking are required to work in opposition of each other to make progress in a tough situation.  Since we’re learning something new, we need to understand both the context (diffused) and specifics (focused) of the subject. How I started learning was using the focused mode of thinking to understand the basics of the various topics without distraction then I went into the diffuse mode to internalized what I learned and make connections between all the things that I learned. It’s of course, not as easy as it sounds. It takes repetition to make sense of such heavy subjects. The trick is to go over the materials over and over and practise multiple times to grasp the new knowledge.

Brain memory

Again, practising and repeating helps a great deal for our memory. The ‘Spaced Repeatition’ technique is one that assists to put what we practised and put into our working memory into our short-term memory then into our long-term memory. As I mentioned in one of my posts earlier, ‘never memorise something that you can look up’; this makes you more productive and on tasks. So, listen to Einstein.

Importance of sleep

I  concur that sleep is the one thing that should not be missed. Many of us forgo sleep when we’re unable to figure out a crisis thinking that time is the essence but we forget that without sleep, the time spent staying up almost does not benefit us too as our brain is in absolutely no condition to make sound judgement. Our brains need sleep to consolidate and for our cells to shrink so that toxins can be washed out when the fluid flows past the cells; this keeps our brain clean and healthy!

On a side note for all the ladies, sleep makes our skins glow – highly recommended!

We are also asked to get ourselves familiarized with the basics of Javascript, HTML and CSS. I’m going to get into Javascript since I already completed the basics on HTML and CSS.

I’ve started reading on Apprenticeship Patterns (one of the two books I bought mentioned here) and I’ll share my thoughts on the book after I get to Chapter 5. This will most likely be after 7th January when I get back from my Sapporo holiday.

Happy holidays, everyone! Have a splendid new year celebration!

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