Closer to being dangerous.

It’s been 2 weeks and I’m only about halfway through the introductory sequence I mentioned here. I must say it’s a lot to process and absorb. I certainly see myself progressing as I can now read most of the page source and actually understand them – something I couldn’t do before.

In other news, I have been accepted into the school to do a 12-week course on full-stack web development! There was a phone interview and an admission assessment (includes a personality test, logical test and a coding problem) that I had to complete and I made it! I’m extremely excited and with that being said, I now have a deadline to complete my introductory sequence and get started on my Ruby on Rails tutorial. I have approximately a month or so to go through as much material as I can so wish my luck!

Before I had no idea where all of this is going but now I see a glimpse of light and it feels like my life is slowly getting back on track. My goal is to get a job in the industry within 3 months upon completion of the course and if that were to happen, it would mean that I took slightly over a year to make a switch in my career. ‘Slightly over a year’ of unemployment for a successful career change sure doesn’t sound bad at all. Keeping my fingers crossed.

I definitely need to focus and stay motivated over the next 5 months more than ever.


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