I’m back!

I’m still here! Thomas and I got back from our holiday in Suva, Fiji on 6th September and since then we’ve gotten insanely caught up with moving into a new place; from packing to collecting the keys to actual moving day to unpacking to building IKEA furniture (Thomas prefers building them by himself) to buying appliances to organising everything to cleaning. There are still some outstanding tasks to be done here and there but things have slowed down a little now.

I would love to share more on this cosy new home of ours but I’m not sure if you guys are here for that. I’ll probably do it at some point down the road anyway when we get some good quality photos of the space.

I am definitely still coding. I just didn’t get the time and energy to update this space until now. Our new work space is great – we’ve each got our individual wide desks facing each other and amazing views of the city so yay to another motivation factor (thanks to Thomas)!

I am also still making the bed every morning, are you?




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