Hello, Swift!

So, 3 days ago, I had a little meltdown as I felt that everything wasn’t what I envisioned it to be. I got stuck on a problem for hours. I honestly thought I would be able to solve problems at a snap of the finger and wouldn’t need to be looking for help online by now.

It was demoralising.

I started doubting if I was ever going to make it and the feeling of uncertainty consumed me. My boyfriend then suggested I take a little break from Python this week to read on other materials and some things may just click as I go along. I didn’t want to at first because I wanted to master one thing at a time. I wanted to be really good at Python before moving on to something else and I was afraid I would lose focus or not go back to Python. So as reluctant as I was, I took the advice because the thought of going back to the book simply wasn’t fun and exciting anymore knowing I wouldn’t be able to solve that one problem or any problems and it’s only been 58 days, I am not giving up. I’d try anything just to keep going.

And here I am, reading ‘Swift Programming’:

I’m on Chapter 3, working off Xcode and it’s surprisingly good so far. A relatively new language but the concept of the language is very much similar to Python. It’s motivating as I can easily understand some of the basics just by glancing through which I believe I wouldn’t have been able to without my little experience with Python (a very comforting realisation!).

Towards the end of the introduction, ‘Before We Begin’, the authors wrote this:

While writing code can be extremely frustrating, it can also be gratifying. There is something magical and exhilarating about solving a problem, not to mention the special joy that comes from making an app that helps people and brings them happiness.

They do know the frustrations! It’s nice to know that other people feel what I feel and yet, they published a book. I may not get as far but I should get somewhere when I put in a hell of an effort, right?

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