40 days later.

I started my journey with Udacity’s online classes 40 days ago and my boyfriend (who is in the cyber security industry) introduced me the below Kindle Edition book as a mode of motivation when I didn’t feel like I could make it.

I enjoyed the book very much and finished it within 2 days.  It made me feel that what I’m hoping to achieve isn’t impossible and I will get there as long as I have the right attitude.

Another book that was recommended to me was this:

This is not a motivational book; it teaches you the skills to program without a degrees in the related fields at a comfortable pace. The writer uses Python 3 and it works for me as that’s the language I chose to begin learning with. I ditched Udacity’s online classes eventually as it wasn’t my preferred learning platform. I’m glad I gave it a shot and now know how I learn more effectively.  I am on Chapter 13 of the book and taking a break from it to read this other one written by another writer to refresh my memory on some of the learnings from the earlier chapters and to gain a different perspective on the same topics:

I am now on Chapter 8; learning about reading and writing files on Python. The one thing I’m bad at is the ‘Practice Projects’ section. I have this fear of failing even before I read the programs I’m supposed to design and write.  I’m plagued with constant self-doubt which I believe is the ultimate cause of my mental block; like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I wonder if anyone who is facing this same issue would be willing to share any quick fixes for this.

I quite enjoy switching from materials to materials for fresh point of views and knowing the different ways of designing the same program. The basics may be pretty similar but I enjoy reading a new book and going through what I thought I already knew to ensure I grasped it right and then go ‘Ah, I know this.’. It’s an excellent source of encouragement to know that I now have knowledge of things I didn’t know 40 days ago – which is also one of the many reasons I started this blog. It serves as a good reminder that I’ve definitely progressed and it keeps me going when I feel absolutely down (and stupid) from a tough programming project and it’s a great way to track how far I’ve come, learn from anyone of you who is happy to share your experience with me if you have gone through the same thing, inspire those who weren’t sure if you should take the leap of faith, and well, there just isn’t any good reason not to do this.

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